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Kanimbla Valley House. Blue Mountains

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Off-Grid Heaven

Kanimbla Valley House. Blue Mountains

This incredible 154sqm contemporary home in the Blue Mountains NSW and is set on a hundred acres in the middle of the Kanimbla Valley. The house boasts a 110 litre underground tank with a three stage filtration system consisting of a particle filter, a taste and odor filter and uv light for bacteria, as well as a septic tank and two 20 metre absorption trenches. A state of the art 10 kilowatt solar system with a backup diesel generator has been fitted, ensuring that the house remains energy efficient. Insulated waffle slab, double glazed windows, a heat pump and a small wood fire heater keep the house warm and cozy during the winter months. The house features a 50sqm stone veranda, 750mm eaves, black burnished concrete floors and picture windows throughout to capture the 360 degree views of the Blue Mountains. The high timber lined ceiling gives the property an airy barn style look. With stunning views of the Blue Mountains, this house is perfect for those looking for a totally self sufficient property.

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